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Tips on How to refinance a Parent PLUS Student Loan


If there is one obstacle that prevents millions of parents from investing is the burden of refinancing parent plus student loan. This loan usually weighs down parents preventing them from seizing new financial opportunities until they clear their debts. In fact in 2015, the federal reserve bank of New York pointed out that the average outstanding parent plus loan balance was $ 50, 000 per parent. So how can you get out from this debt? In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to refinance a parent plus student loan.

1. Consolidate your loansave money

Loan consolidation is not the right choice for everyone, but for some parents; this option can really work. Loan consolidation actually means that you group multiple smaller loans into one big one. Loan consolidation is a good option to take especially if you are also servicing other smaller loans. Having just one loan to service will make thing easier for you.

2. Get help from your employer

Some employers are usually willing to include parent plus student loan as part of your benefits package. This benefits package is generally similar to health care benefit or signing bonuses. Most employers who assist their employees in repaying parent plus loan do it so as to reward their employees for their hard work. Bring up the idea to your boss and see how he/she will respond, in exchange for the parent plus loan repayment by your employer, you can offer incentives such us committing to stay on that particular job for a given period.

3. Choose the right repayment plan.

There are more than three repayment plans that you can choose from when you are refinancing your parent plus loan. Each repayment plan has its own pros and cons. You need to be very careful when choosing a repayment plan for this loan. Ensure that you choose a plan that corresponds to your financial ability.

student Loan4. Consider enrolling in auto debit

Enrolling in an auto debit means that your parent plus loan servicer will automatically make the deduction from your bank account each month. This option has several benefit to the parent because many lenders usually give a discount just for enrolling.

5. Reward yourself

Although paying off the loan is a reward in itself, learning to reward yourself after you have made substantial progress in loan repayment is certainly a good idea. By rewarding yourself, you will be able to motivate yourself a factor that will make you pay back the loan fast.…

Want A Free Ride? What Every New Uber User Must Know

During rush hour, it is very difficult to get a means of transport. In such a case, Uber is what the next big thing. Before you join others in the “bandwagon” and ping your driver, you need to know what the Uber app is all about. You need to know the pros and cons of using the service.

Why is Uber Popular

This app is very popular because it enables riders to contonlineact registered driver and get a ride in the city. You should note that this app works in many parts of the world and not only in the US. You only need to download the app and your location will be shared by GPS or Wi-Fi. The nearest driver will then pick you. Users are required to be over 18 years to use the app.

Free rides

Nowadays, a lot of people get free rides thanks to the referral program. In this program, you can invite your relatives and friends to use the service. In turn, you get account credits, which you can redeem for rides. However, you are required to adhere to ethical standards of promoting your referral code. You can share it via the social media or your personal website. However spamming various websites with your personal code can result in suspensions and revoke of the existing credits you have acquired.

How it works

First, you need to download the Uber app. You will share your location with the nearest driver.Uber app You will then wait for the driver. You are free to choose vehicle type and many other options such as car rates. Your credit card is then billed. There are other charges, which are applicable and include surcharges, toll fees, and cleaning fees in case you make a mess. Uber app has a fare estimate feature, which gets the estimated cost of the services you have received before booking the ride. Therefore, you will know the amount of money you are paying before you book the ride.

What to consider

After understanding how this app works, you need to consider other different things. You should note you are sharing a ride with the private vehicle owner. Therefore, there are noo signs to tell you that the car is for hire.…