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Uber Discount Code for New Users

Getting a ride around town can be tricky sometimes. It becomes s challenging when you are a new user to rideshare companies. The challenge comes when you don’t know of their prices, and you are a little cautious about your money. With uber, you won’t have to worry. Uber is an online platform that connects drivers with potential passengers. The uber discount code for new users is meant to encourage new users to use their services. They have a discount policy for new users, so you are assured your pocket is safe.

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Uber Discount Code

Uber cares for their new users and will want to maintain a good relation. That’s why they have a 20 dollar free ride coupon and 50 dollar townbonus for new users. The discount code is fly. The code allows a discount on your price and can go to as much as you paying nothing. It is a sure way of getting a free ride. Getting a free ride will depend on your vehicle option. Uber has six vehicle options ranging from regular cars to luxurious SUVs. The discount will allow a new user to either pay less or just get a free ride.

Currently, the Uber discount code is only available for new users. Using the credit system is simple. First, you will have to download the Uber app and set up your account. The app is compatible with WindowsPhone7 iPhone ios7 or a newer version android jelly bean and newer and blackberry BB OS 7 only. After setting up your account, you will enter the promo code which is only valid for fourteen days.

Vehicle Options

The most typical Uber car is the Uber X. the minimum fare for this car is 4 dollars. This means that getting a discount with this option will guarantee a free ride. An example of cars in this option are Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius, and Honda Civic. The next car option is the Uber XL. Uber XL offers low cost for a larger group.

The minimum fare is 7 dollars and vehicles include GMC Acadia and Ford Explorer. For those who would wish to take a step slightly above every, there is the Uber select with a minimum fare of 15 dollars. A service geared towards the upper class is the uber black. The cars in Uber black include BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. As you go high in the social class, we have Uber SUV and Uber Lux for ultimate luxury.


taxiThe prices go high as the level of luxury increases. A discount will reduce payments in all vehicle options. New users feel more comfortable with Uber.

With Uber, you can get more stylish and save money. Steps to getting the ride are easy and guaranteed of convenience. Uber will sure take care of your pocket as a new client and at your convenience.…

More About Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca is a traditional Shamanic healing method widely practiced in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. This healing method was discovered by Don Lucho, who came from a long line of natural healers. The ayahuasca retreats center is a great introduction to fledging people to working with Ayahuasca medicine. The growth of vexation in the western cultures has resulted in thousands of spiritual seekers to travel far places to seek traditional healing.

Though, not only for the novice but to anyone who wish to meetingexperience the profound benefits of working with Ayahuasca without costing the earth? This retreat does host traditional shamanic Ayahuasca healing and people from all walks of life travel to Peru to participate in this 6 night’s tradition. The retreat include

4 Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Purification and aromatic plant baths before ceremonies
  • 1 mud bath
  • 1 fruit bath
  • Orientation meeting about the Ayahuasca and the meeting
  • Lodging and meals
  • Transportation

Ayahuasca Healing

Ayahuasca is a sacred medicine plant brew, which has been used by native Amazonian culture for decades and it is primarily used for healing, divination and spiritual awakening. The plant has several health benefits. Ayahuasca ceremony is an intense, highly informative and profound experience which can facilitate healing on all levels of human being- emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. In other terms, this is a gateway to the inner world of which allows you to access high states of consciousness and experience the spiritual awakening. Ayahuasca reveals the multi-dimensional nature of reality, and it will lead you back to who you are.

Detoxing, Purging and Cleaning

In Ayahuasca healing, purging and cleansing play a vital role in this process. Ayahuasca is unique and effective than any other healing traditions. This treatment is purgative meaning that it will make you puke during the experience, leafbut you only vomit physical stuff. The purge you release is of emotional and unhealthy mental energies that you have been dealing with which have caused difficult experiences in your life such as difficulties in relationships, depression, emotional wounds and abuse among others.

At the end of the retreat, you will not only be participating in Ayahuasca but also cleansing rituals and activities. By taking part in mud baths and fruit baths, you will be drawing toxins from your body thus cleansing your body. Essentially at the end of the retreat, you will feel a new you out of negative thoughts and free from emotional or physical toxins.…