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A Guide to Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

Most women including celebrities prefer wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions are beautiful hair pieces that have increasingly become very popular. Kinky curly hair extensions are custom made pieces.

Getting the Appropriate Hair Type

synthetic hair

There are two main varieties of hair extensions. These are real human hair and the synthetic one. Synthetic products don’t last for long, but they are cheap. They are good for those women who want to avoid styling or to wash their hair for several weeks. They are also an excellent option for those ladies who are doing protective styling. However, these extensions can last for many years if they are well taken care of and handled gently.

Do Your Homework

Kinky-curly textures can easily dry out, shrink up or get tangled. You can prevent shrinking up or drying out of your extensions by having a protective style. For instance, you can do using a leave-in conditioner to coat the damp hair. Blowing the hair straight is another effective way of preventing tangling. In addition to this, you should keep your hair moisturized. Moisturizing your hair can help your extension in blending more naturally with your hair.

Choosing High-Quality Hair Extensions

Avoid choosing synthetic hair pieces that look “too shinny” since they are made of low-quality strands. Individuals who want human-hair extensions should be ready to should be ready to break their banks since these clip-ins are costly, but they can last for many years. Their prices depend on what and where you buy. They are made of high-quality natural weaves that are not mixed with synthetic products.

Making a Compromise

lighht hair

Ladies are advised to get extensions from trained hairstylists because they are perfectly matched and dyed to their hair texture and color. Those who prefer doing the at-home styles can still find perfect matches by making some compromises. For instance, they can go for dark pieces instead of light ones to give their hair a natural look.



The good thing of hair extensions is that people can do whatever they want. Kinky curl hair pieces are well-designed to make women feel fun and give them the freedom of choosing curls that hook into their hair. This means that women can easily find hair pieces that match their natural hair.…

Buying the Best Hair Extension

Your hair plays a significant role in determining your overall look. With the right type of hairdo, you will have the perfect appearance. One should take good care of their hair so that they may look beautiful all the time. When it comes to hair maintenance, it is much easier in men compared to the ladies who have to put in an extra effort. Men can trim their hair to the desired size.

Ladies usually have long hair, and this will require a lot of work when it comes to maintenance. Long hair is also a symbol of beauty for most ladies. Those with short hair don’t have to worry because they can rock weaves or extensions. Hair extensions are usually common among black or African American women most of whom have short hair. There are also various types of artificial hair with the kinky and coiled types being the most common.

What is the difference between kinky curly hair and coily hair? Well,hair extension attachment many have had a difficult time trying to differentiate the two types, with some settling for the wrong one. There is an apparent difference between the two, especially in their appearance. You should be careful when purchasing hair extensions to get the best type. The following are some of the things you should consider when buying one.


You should look at the density or thickness level of the hair extension you want to purchase. One thing about it is that it should be uniform in level from top to bottom. You can lift them a bit when making your purchase to confirm if they are uniformly thick or if there are any gaps. Buying one that has gaps will only leave your scalp exposed.

Clip Type

Clips in hair extensions are useful when it comes to holding the artificial hair tightly to your natural hair. You should make sure the clips in the hair extension you want to purchase are good and can hold on to your hair tightly as required. Make sure you also feel comfortable in them. Going for the right clips will help keep your hair extension in place.

Hair Typehair extension

You also need to put into consideration the type of hair used in the extension you want to purchase. Is it of the perfect color? Does it suit your style? You should also look at the length and quality of the hair used in the same hair extension.…