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Free Online Fax Services

Faxing may appear like an old-fashioned technology, but numerous organizations still carry out businesses utilizing fax. There is no need to invest in a digital fax modem or fax machine because there are free online services that gives you 5 advantages of using an online fax solution. It allows you to send and receive faxes from a computer through your email. Here are some free online services that your firm can use:

Fax Zero

Fax serviceFax Zero will enable you to send free fax anywhere across the United States, Canada, and many other international destinations you can think about. It has no fax receiving function, but you can upload your document, pdf file, or your preferred text you would like to send. FaxZero is restricted to a maximum of three pages per fax and up to five free transmissions per day. If you send a fax with more pages, you will incur a cost but gives you a priority delivery without advertisements on your coverage.

Gotfree Fax

If you prefer faxes without advertisements on your cover page, then consider using GotFreeFax. It has no fax-receiving functionality; however, it allows you to send your faxes freely across the world. GotFreeFax will not add any advert on your fax or cover page. When posting more up to three-page fax, you are limited to three faxes per day. Also, if you send more than three-page document, you will incur some cost.


FaxBetter will give you a dedicated cost-free fax number that delivers up to 50 pages per month. Every time you receive a fax, you will receive email notifications. Furthermore, the system stores 1,000 pages of documents so that you can freely access your faxes on their website. If you are expecting to receive numerous faxes, you can design a payment plan that offers different formats when sending faxes.

Efax Free

EFax gives you a free fax number for received faxes, which are conveyed via email. When using eFax, you will need a viewing software restricted to 150 incoming pages a month. Efax gives you 30 days free trial for light fax-receiving needs where you can choose an eFax package or more than 150 pages per month.

Internet Fax in Microsoft Office

Many people do not recognize that Microsoft Office has anFaxing inbuilt ability to sending faxes via Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Sending faxes through Microsoft Office is easy and free unconventional to any external fax service. You need to install and activate Windows Fax driver or fax services on your computer to use these features.…

Why Visit Independent News Platforms

Online business by has grown faster in the last couple of decades from a non-monetized platform to a buzzing global business empire. These days, everyone wants to know what is trending in various industries with special attention to e-commerce because it is worth trillions of dollars and yet it has not done with infancy. Praguepost reveals 2018 eCommerce news to help you capture opportunities as they open up. The site takes you from the benefits of investing in the latest cryptocurrency to innovative online marketing strategies. You get to read about what the online gurus are working on and their dreams for the internet as the world’s biggest marketplace. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from independent news site likes Praguepost.


Analytical eye

These websites are handled by a team of professionals who know the benefits of paying attention to details. If you wish to know about digital trends, for example, you will get the latest update about the individual or the team behind the current digital wave. As a web applications developer, this is the kind of information you need for future market predictions. You need to know the direction taken by social media marketing strategies besides keeping a keen eye on the forces that are driving the future of search engine optimization.

Skill integration

Many of the leading tech companies focus on skill integration to attain higher returns on investment or ROI, for short. If you have not been a believer in e-mail marketing, for example, you will get informative materials on how other brands are going places with the very strategy that you have abandoned for no apparent reason.

Note that this is not something that you can do without integrating tech skills because it means having your brand name present on all devices as well as search engines. Your trademark will subsequently transcend borders since you will not be relying on a dominant search engine within an area to carry the bulk of your online traffic and conversions.

When it comes to hiring the best in the tech industries, then you can always check on the special features that review the tech industry players. You will know of those that have handled complex tech operations, the most effective ones in a specific line of tech services and those masquerading as seasoned professionals yet they are greenhorns looking for ways to a quick buck.

Get apt general tech-knowledge

TABLET You only get to learn about the fall in share prices of a tech company after the event unfolds. This means that you are like any other person in a different industry since you are out of the loop that provides step-by-step coverage of possible mergers or acquisition in the tech industry. These corporate moves usually come with various advantages and disadvantages to the end consumers. It is subsequently wise to gauge the pulse of the industry by reading about the cause and effect phenomenon that drives the ingenious concepts behind the web evolution.…