Choosing the Best Coffee Packaging Bag

It is no secret that coffee is one of the most consumed beverages out there. Most of us love coffee because of different reasons. One good thing about coffee is that it is a social drink. There are many coffee joints where you can meet up with friends, colleagues or go out for a date. This type of beverage is also an excellent stimulant.

One can make coffee by themselves at home. With the right equipment and coffee type, you will have the best coffee. The mode of packaging plays a significant role in determining the freshness of your coffee. One that is packaged in the right manner will always be fresh and taste better. A well-packaged coffee will help keep out oxygen which promotes its freshness.

You can go for resealable bags which have a number of advantages. They are environmentally friendly because one can reuse them to avoid dumping them anyhow. It is also of great importance to retailers because it makes their coffee standout. Other types of coffee packaging bags include quad seal bag, pillow bag, doypack, bag-in-bag and the flat bottom bag.white resealable bag

The packaging manner also plays an essential role in the shelf placement of a particular coffee type. The flat-bottomed one is the best in such a situation. There are a couple of things you should consider when choosing a coffee packaging bag. They include:

Shipping Period

You should look out for the freshness factors of your coffee when purchasing a coffee packaging bag. One of the factors you should consider is the period in which your coffee is supposed to get to the shelves. One that may take quite some shipping period will require proper packaging to maintain freshness. Makes sure you pick a bag with all the conditions necessary to ensure your coffee is in the perfect state.


One should also pick a coffee packaging bag that offers customers an easy time when using. The mode of opening is one you should look out for. The different types include zippers and tie or tape. One can open them with ease and reuse them. It should also be labeled in the right manner to give consumers an easy time understanding the origin and coffee type they are consuming.

Packaging Procedurebrown coffee packaging bag

The manner in which you will be packaging your coffee will guide you in picking the right type of packaging bag. If you are hand-filling, then you will be required to choose one that will not see you spill a lot of coffee. Those using an auto-filling machine can go for other types like the doypack which has only two edges.…