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Which One Should You Choose – Apple or Windows?

If you are searching for a better operating system then the comparison of Apple vs. Windows which is better can be helpful for you. While finding the best between Apple and Windows you will have to compare some of their features of Mac, the operating system used by Apple and Windows, as under.

Cost of hardware

Some people consider the cost of hardware used by Mac higher than that of Windows whereas others justify its higher cost with the iMac 01benefits provided by it including the high quality of hardware and the ecosystem of Apple. Though you can find this justification right, the original hardware of Mac is offered with certain limitations. You will have to spend $2,499 to upgrade your computer as per your choice. But if you want an affordable Mac from Apple then you will not be able to upgrade it to use it for gaming purpose.

Number of software applications

While comparing between Apple and Windows, you will find that Windows has lots of software applications to use whereas Apple offers a limited number of applications at its Mac App stores. The Windows Store offers more than 50,000 applications whereas Apple App Store offers 14,000 applications only.

Flexibility to use

Windows offers more flexibility to use its operating system as compared to the Mac of Apple. You can upgrade the hardware of Windows PC whenever you want, but Mac does not allow you for such upgrading. Moreover, the compatibility of the software of Apple drops with old applications whereas the compatibility of Windows applications remains as it is even with old applications.

Maintenance cost

Windows 01The maintenance cost of Mac of Apple is less as it has lesser viruses than Windows. You need not use any antivirus while using Mac device whereas you cannot use Windows without a good antivirus as its operating system get infected with viruses very quickly. You will have to use the best security patches, driver updates and antivirus software while using Windows. It easily gets cluttered with the adware and malware affecting its memory whereas there is no such problem with Mac.

Thus, to find the best operating system for your computer you will have to compare the pros and cons of both of these systems. On one hand, Windows is flexible to use as an operating system but it needs more updates and maintenance than Mac of Apple. Similarly, Mac needs the least maintenance but its hardware is costlier than Windows. The Apple vs. Windows, which is better, given in this write-up, can help you in this respect.…