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3 Keys to Finding the Perfect Job

According to research carried out in 2013, 70 percent of American workers are disengaged in their work. It also states that 68 percent of the working Americans are willing to take a salary cut to be able to work in a job that applies better to their personal interests. With the advice of following your passion’ or do what you love, how can you find a job that fits you as well as your personality? It is said that people who love what they do though they are in a minority, are more successful and happier in their life.

In order to be one of those people, you have to find a job that intersects what you are good (aptitudes), what the market needs you to do (Opportunity) and what you love to do (interests). Here are tips to help you identify your path:

Understand your aptitudeshandshake

Aptitude is the foundation of skill development. You might have noticed how easy it is to acquire certain skills while in others, no matter how hard you try, you end up average. Understanding your aptitudes allows you focus on your strength that gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Identify your interests

It would be such a good thing if you got paid for doing what you love. However, this goal can be quite difficult to accomplish as you may only love a few aspects of the field you work in, or you may not be very good at what you love.

Finding a job that you love doing is very important but your interests are relative to your experience. The interests evolve as you gain life experiences, but they are very important when finding the perfect job as they influence your choices and they direct how you apply your aptitudes.

Find the opportunities

lableThe marketplace constantly changes on both national and international level. Therefore, before you focus on a career, assess the opportunities and the landscape; is the tide coming in or out of a certain occupation or industry? You should find a job that helps you to best apply your interest and aptitudes and do not remain stagnant as the job market is always changing.

Before investing in any career, you should do research to find out how the growth of the job looks like as well as the skills required. Also keep your eyes open to trends and any other changes in your job of interest. You can also ask people in your field of interest what they think will affect the work and industry in the future.…